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How does BPA impact your health?

bpa alternative straws
Bisphenol A, or BPA, made headlines several years ago when parents and pediatricians became concerned about the effects this chemical has on the health of infants and children. Consumers wanted to know what BPA was, and if BPA is safe to use in consumer products. They didn’t realize most people already have BPA in their body, which can be picked up through food, air, dust, and liquids. Since 2008, many studies have been conducted to determine the safety of BPA and to see what health risks this chemical poses to people.

What is BPA?

BPA is a chemical that is commonly used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, which is used in many products such as electronic equipment, medical devices, automobiles and protective sports equipment. The main concern of parents had to do with the use of BPA in food and beverage containers, especially baby bottles, sippy cups, and baby formula cans. Major manufacturers of infant products have since eliminated the use of BPA in these products, but BPA is still used in other commonly used products.

Health Risks of BPA

For over 40 years, BPA has been studied and researched for its safety in consumer products, yet there is still no definitive answer as to how this chemical effect people. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that human exposure to BPA is safe at low levels, but the FDA still has concerns over BPA’s effects on humans because most of the research has been conducted on animals. The FDA has several areas of concern regarding BPA.

  • BPA may disrupt normal hormone levels in fetuses, infants, and children.
  • BPA may affect the brain and cause behavior problems in children.
  • BPA may increase the risk of cancer and heart problems.

Infants and children may be more susceptible to the possible harmful effects of BPA because their bodies are still developing.

Nothing has been established regarding the health risks of BPA, yet several states have restricted or banned the sale of products that use BPA. Concerned parents can take certain precautions such as:

  • Purchasing and using BPA-free products
  • Eating less canned foods
  • Throwing out damaged food and beverage plastic containers

Eliminating BPA exposure is impossible, but it is possible to limit being exposed to this chemical by finding BPA alternatives.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Foods That Help Keep You Hydrated

My Glass of Water
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Staying hydrated is important to everybody’s health. Studies have shown that drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can help individuals maintain a healthy weight, as well as prevent headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Water can also be a contributing factor to weight loss in a variety of ways. First, water fills up your stomach making your feel fuller without consuming any calories. Second, water slows down the absorption of food in your stomach so you feel full for a longer period of time. Lastly, replacing sugary or alcoholic drinks with water can cut out a lot of calories that you were previously consuming.

The recommended amount of water an individual should consume each day varies depending on who you ask. Many doctors recommend 9 cups of water for women and 12.5 cups for men as a basic guideline, but an individual’s body type and the amount of physical activity they partake in are factors that affect how much water is right for them. Despite the variability in the amount of water an individual should consume, many people find it difficult to reach the baseline amount. There are an assortment of reasons why individuals don’t consume enough water in a day. Some simply don’t remember to drink water throughout the day while others don’t like the taste of water.

If you are one of the forgetful ones, try carrying a water bottle with you as a reminder to drink enough water each day. For those of you who don’t like the taste of water, try adding lemon, lime, or mint to give water a different flavor. Furthermore, you can eat foods that have a high water content if you still aren’t getting enough water. Fruits and vegetables are most commonly known for having a high water content. The following can help contribute to your daily need:


Since water is in the fruit’s name, it is pretty obvious that this one has a high water content. Watermelon is approximately 92 percent water. Just make sure you don’t eat the seeds, you don’t want a watermelon to grow in your belly!


Strawberries are around 91 percent water. Since they are naturally sweet, they are great for tackling a sweet tooth as well as contributing to your daily water intake.


Nearly 90 percent water, cantaloupe is another great source of water. Combine it with watermelon and honeydew for a delicious fruit salad with a high water content!


Cucumbers are about 96 percent water, making them the vegetable with the highest water content. Cucumbers make a great addition to a salad and the majority of the ingredients in a salad, such as lettuce and carrots have a high water content too!


Another vegetable with a high water content is tomatoes. They are roughly 93 percent water and like cucumbers, they are a good ingredient for a salad. If you eat tomatoes like an apple or cut them up to eat alone, avoid putting salt on them. The salt can dehydrate you.

About the Author

Gina Blake is a guest contributor from Serv-A-Pure, a manufacturer and distributor or residential and commercial water treatment systems.  

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Monday, February 25, 2013

South Carolina

Interstate 85 Business (Spartanburg, South Car...
There's a few things about the South Carolina coast that are truly spectacular. Many areas to the north are densely populated, and are bogged with people all times of the year. However, much of the South Carolina coastline is not developed, and protected by environmental groups and organizations. Furthermore, it's dotted with many small towns including Myrtle Beach which offer a wide variety of things to do for residents and tourists alike. Check out these South Carolina resources if you're interested in learning more about some businesses in that area.

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Fashion Designs - find on Amazon!


Miami Swim Fashion week was a success. Well, it’s kind of hard not to enjoy a fashion week that was all hosted from The Raleigh Hotel. Gorgeous pool, gorgeous people and a lobby that made you feel as if you were hanging out in a safari! The best thing of all is that you can find all of their fashion wear online! If you really want to go nuts, get a bunch of Amazon e gift cards, browse through them on Amazon and spend some cash!

Let’s talk Swimwear…. When you slap a swimsuit on a 6’1 Brazilian, it’s sometimes hard to go wrong BUT I have to rant about the few collections that just made me feel like this week was worth it.
It’s all about Pistol Panties. This swimwear line based out of London, England, stole
Fashion week. Designer Deborah Fleming wanted to create a line that made women feel like a 1950’s fashion pin up and she succeeded. I fell in love with everything that came down that runway. From her two-piece high wasted glam suits to her multi-colored solid Swarovski crystal finale suite. Not to mention that Deborah may be one of the sweetest designers I met that week. With a celebrity following like Sarah J P and Victoria Beckham, this line is un-touchable in terms of originality and playful fun.  You MUST (I’m not asking, I’m telling you) to check out their site www.pistolpanties.com and fall into whatever character you want to play!

Amy Smilovic, designer for TiBi has been designing her contemporary line for years but her swimwear line had people talking this year.  Amy draws and creates every print and design for her TiBi line and her swimsuits were just beautiful. Modern, classy but no stale at all. This 2009 collection had bright flowered cover ups, multi-colored zag bikinis, sweet pink studded suites paired with tiny sport jackets and super sexy black one-pieces cut to perfection. TiBi always brings out the ultra sexy women in all of her designs including her swimwear.

Ed Hardy is always a party (I’m sorry that rhymed but try saying “I’m going to the Ed Hardy After Party all night.) Christian Audigier is a business man. He knows how to play the game. He doesn’t just have a fashion show; he throws a party in the tent. His 2009 Ed Hardy Swimwear show was by far the funniest to watch. Lil Jon with his shinned up grill DJ’ed the show playing beats that made people jump out of their chair and start crumping in the isles. Weird, I know. Ritchie Rich, ½ the designer of Heatherette, was in attendance and he was in a great mood seeing his original footwear line being walked in the show. And then there was D. R. Denis Rodman (large hoop earrings, covered head-to-toe in Ed Hardy, quite the loud outfit, with a light green pashmena swung around his neck. Oh man, he was a sight to see.) arrived with his entourage and had the media going crazy. He was super cool and Inside Fashion got to spend “some time” with him after the show.

Oh…how were the swimsuits from Ed Hardy? Well, they were…exactly what you would expect. Bedazzeled skulls, roses, cobras. Bright, loud, studded beyond belief. Its not my thing but the people in Miami go crazy for Ed Hardy. But I have to tell you the best part of the show. Christian Audigier not only rehearsed his final walk about but when it was time for him to come out and take a bow, “Simply The Best” by Tina Tuner blared in the tent….I know.. Honestly.
Miami Fashion Week was super laid back, warm and beautiful. I’m not as tanned as I would like to be but I guess I never am.

If you love adorable swimwear, check out a few more lines that I loved.

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Best Time to Buy a Home

SAN RAFAEL, CA - NOVEMBER 30:  A 'sale pending...
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The slow real estate sales season between the holidays of Thanksgiving and New Years Day just happen to be the best time of the year to be a home buyer.

Fall/Winter 2012 is an uncommonly good time to be a buyer because of the fact that there are more homes on the market than there are qualified buyers (Buyers Market). Many of these are the homes that did not sell during the Spring/Summer 2006 sales season and sellers may be willing to consider all offers.

Fall/Winter also happens to be the slow season for most Realtors and Mortgage Specialists. With this extra time on their hands they can offer you better service than during the hectic Summer months.

If you would like to take advantage of the great seasonal real estate deals for offer get on the web and start searching! With a little luck, you might be in your dream home before you know it.

As a quick side note, here are some links to some cool DIY tips I discovered this past week:

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Bone Health For Your Kids

Physical Exercise aka P.E
Physical Exercise aka P.E (Photo credit: Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums)

Here’s some wise advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics: Make sure your kids get enough exercise, and make sure they get enough Calcium. Doing those two things NOW, as early as possible, can help to make sure that later on in their lives, they won’t have an extremely high risk of broken bones.

According to new national data, a huge majority of children over the age of 8 are not getting near enough calcium on a daily basis. This dangerous lack instantly puts them at a much higher risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. That bone-thinning disease is responsible for almost 2 million bone fractures every single year. These bone fractures lead to increase medical bills for Americans, and the only people it helps are medical manufacturer companies.

The lack of exercise is also a huge factor as kids that do not get enough exercise have much weaker bones than their more frequent exercising counterparts. Bottom line, and not just for their bone’s sake, kids Need to be exercising. Get them out, moving around, and staying moving. Turn off the TV, open up the door. Just get them moving! However, if a broken bone in your kid happens, it would be a good idea to know what to do if that happens.

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Giant Orange Sea Serpents Providing Energy

English: A Pelamis wave energy converter durin...
English: A Pelamis wave energy converter during the final tests at the port of Peniche, Portugal Deutsch: Pelamis Wellenkraftwerk bei letzten Tests im Hafen von Peniche/Portugal EspaƱol: Conversor de energia undimotriz en el Puerto de Peniche, en Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The northern coast of Portugal has been invaded by what look like giant orange sea serpents. The "serpents," which are steel tubes 122 meters (400 feet) long, are a supplier of alternative energy. Their writhing motions convert mechanical energy to electrical power.

The orange tubes are called the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter. They don't float away, because they are anchored to the seafloor. Because the tubes are segmented, they gently undulate up and down and sideways in the surf. Those undulations activate hydraulic motors inside the tubes. Hydraulics is the movement of a fluid under pressure, which turns the motors. In turn, the motors drive generators that produce electricity.

The waves that flex the tubes are a renewable source of energy — they are naturally and continuously replenished. By 2008, Pelamis is expected to supply enough electricity via an underwater cable for 1,500 coastal homes. The projected goal for Pelamis is 30 tubes that will generate electricity for 30,000 homes. Great news for alternative energy fans, maybe the United States can pick up on some of this great technology.

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