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2005: The Year in Remoo

It's 5:00 a.m. and I'm on the laptop in a Hampton Inn in SmallTown, North Carolina. The MooChef family is on the road visiting Chef's mom. PQ and I have been up since 2:30 a.m., Chef is snoring peacefully in one bed, and KQ is sleepgrinding her teeth in the other (and now you know why PQ and I have been up for a while).

Anyway, on to the subject at hand...

As usual, I'm stealing borrowing a blog post idea from the incomparable Ms. Qand doing one of those end-of-the-year reviews. (And thanks, Q, for the sweet shout-out in one of your posts this week... I'm feeling the love! You know I think you're great!)

It's been an eventful year for me (as were the previous two), but this one has had more ups than downs, and you can't ask for more than that. As 2006 approaches, life is good, and I'm thankful.

And now for the Year in ReMoo...

KQ hits the double digits and turns 10.
LJ and Chef get engaged (I think it was Jan. 5, but I'm not sure... I'm terrible for not remembering!)
Chef turns 34.

LJ gives birth to a new bouncing baby blog, MooAlex, on February 8!
LJ and Chef celebrate their first Valentine's Day.
First anniversary of LJ and Chef's first date is Feb. 28.
Number of Moos in February: 14
Favorite Moo of February: I pithy the fool!

After much lawyer wrangling to get Chef's divorce finally finalized, LJ and Chef get married on March 13 in the Outer Banks of NC.
Number of Moos in March: 11
Favorite Moo of March: Wedding photos...finally!

Not a very eventful (is that a word?) month.
Mom's birthday... no comment on her age!
Number of Moos in April: 18

The final Star Wars movie debuts on May 19. Apparently, I wasn't too happy with it.
MooAlex comes down with mad troll disease.
The Wedding Singer becomes my most traffic-inducing post.
Number of Moos in May: 38
Favorite Moo of May: Kiss and make up

My Aunt Margaret passed away.
MooAlex gets a redesign.
The Moo was #20 in the Blogette Awards.
Number of Moos in June: 28
Favorite Moo of June: French Kissin' in the USA

First official MooChef family vacation in Nags Head, NC.
Guest-bloggers take over the Moo July 3-8.
Dickhead problems start.
Number of Moos in July: 21

My first root canal.
Dickhead problems continue.
Hurricane Katrina eclipses my tiny personal problems.
MooAlex's first spinoff, The Summer of Blog 2005, debuts.
Number of Moos in August: 21
Favorite Moo of August: Fun with hats

PQ turns 15 and discovers that he knows everything.
I am blog-interviewed for the first time.
Second MooAlex spinoff, Dogs inTubs, debuts.
More Dickhead problems.
Number of Moos in September: 28
Favorite Moo of September: Fond memories and Memories, Part 2

Business trips to Boston and Denver.
Dickhead problems peak.
Number of Moos in October: 18
Favorite Moo of October: The one about penises

"You be the Moo" debuts and various GuestMoos take over for much of November.
I turn 41 (but I'll only admit to 38 if you ask).
I decide to give peace a chance.
My friend has a cancer scare that turns out okay.
Number of Moos in November: 37
Favorite Moo of November: The mouth of babes

Business trip to Roanoke (last one for a while, I hope).
Dickhead problems settle down, and a ceasefire is in effect.
KQ hurts her arm, and the kids lose their paternal grandfather.
First official MooChef family Christmas (all parties sufficiently spoiled by too many gifts).
Number of Moos in December: 13
Favorite Moo of December: Naughty fonts
That's 2005 in a nutshell! Looking forward to more blogging in 2006...

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