Friday, May 11, 2012

Construction on Country Roads

The eastern end of the NEw Lynn Train Station ...
Now that the sun's out longer and the weather is awesome, everyone wants to be outside. The roads aren't icy and slick anymore, but that doesn't mean they will be any easier to travel around on. Summer is also construction season for the northern US, and millions of Americans will be stuck in long lines waiting for construction crews to clear way. They're just doing their job, and you should too by driving slowly and cautiously, and of course, not loosing your temper! Here's a few other tips:

Don't drive too close to the edge of the roads if you can. Quite often construction crews will be digging pipes underneath or around the roads, and they will be huddled out of view in their trench box, which are supposed to prevent their trenches from caving in. Driving close to their trenches is dangerous for you, but also it puts more stress on the trench boxes.

Drive in the early morning, or when traffic is at its lowest. That makes it easier for you and the construction crews. Also, construction activity is at its lowest during that period, and they won't be moving their dump trucks or swinging their cold finished bars around, making the environment a lot less chaotic.

I've said it once, but it's important. Don't lose your temper. No honking or impolite gestures. Construction workers have to deal with jerks every day, and they don't need any more abuse. And you never know, they might let you buy faster if you're nice.

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